Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sean and Jace New Pics

Here is a few more pics of the kids over the last month. I can't believe Sean is already a month old. He has been such a wonderful baby so far. Jace had the beginning stages of pneumonia when Jordan took him to the ER on the 16th of May but he is doing good now after being on Amoxicilan for 10 days. We had a rough first couple weeks of Sean's life with Jace, he did not feel well and had someone else to share his world with. Jace is doing a lot better now with Sean, I think he felt so sick that he just didn't want to share Mom. Yesterday was Jordan's B-day so I purchased a new BBQ Grill for him. We tested it out last night and it is great.
We also Blessed Sean on the 17th when Jordan's mom and dad were in town.