Monday, January 11, 2010

Here piggy, piggy-NO not me, a REAL pig!

A chicken at our friends co-op farm. Jace was dying to see our piggy, a fun night for daddy and the boys-mommy had a reunion mtg :)
We bought a pig, yes a real pig that stinks and eats everything in sight. We have some good friends that have land and are doing an animal co-op. So we will be splitting the meat from like 10 pigs evenly with 10 other families and it will end up being around 150 lbs of piggie meat. SO if you are friends or family, look forward to some sweet pig meat, we can't keep or eat all of that, really we can't!

Wean baby, wean!

Jace's treat from our movie!
Check out those sweet shades :)
I decided it was time to wean my little Sean boy from nursing after almost 9 mo at the boob. This is 8 months sooner than with Jace, and because of him I learned my lesson. He stopped napping well, and not sleeping at all at night, just wanting to nurse. I couldn't take it any more. So after a day of no food he finally gave in to the bottle. Now, if only my chest could not feel like to huge painful boulders. I've got to lose weight and I know that nursing isn't helping me. I'm already down 25 pounds since July but I've easily got another 25 more. So here goes weight loss! :) So because of weaning Sean, Jordan and I had our first date night kidless in more than 5months. It felt great. We went to Avatar in 3D and dinner. It was so fun and nice to just be with my lovie! Love you Jordan, you are everything and more than I've dreamed of and asked for in a husband and father!

Christmas Surprises

Jace's "spider" as he calls it. If you don't watch out, it will get you, especially while you are cooking dinner :) !!!
Sean's new fav toy!!! And Jace's too!!!
Jordan had this gun growing up and loved it, but it was his parents. So I surprised him with his own rifle on Christmas morning. We now own 3 guns, I guess that proves we live in Idaho. Wow. That's scary! But they are SO fun to shoot!!!!!
This is the wallet that goes with the purse that the mom who changes poop and wipes up drool and spit up carries! I feel fabulous when I carry it :) Hahahahaha something has to be girlie right?

So this is the my great steal from Hunstville! I love my Juicy Purse-it truly is beautiful!!!!
Citizen Echo Drive watch I got Jordie for Christmas-we were on the same page for gifts, both gave watches and we both gave each other filet knives, it was pretty funny!
This is the Michael Kors watch Jordie got me but mine has a little more "bling" imagine diamonds around the face :)
Jace's cool new shades-I LOVE this pic of him plus he has a sweet star war's shirt on :)!!!!
Here are the pics of our gifts so I have them for my book when I print this thing :)

Thanksgiving and Christmas

We had the awesome ability to visit our family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. So, we had two free tickets on Frontier Airlines and we decided it was time to go back down South. So we bought a ticket for Jace and hoped aboard to Atlanta, GA! Jordan's sister lives in Huntsville, Alabama because her husband works for NASA (super smart dude), so we thought it would be fun to see her family and then go and see my brother Marc in Atlanta and his family for Thanksgiving. SOOOOO aside from long flights and a REALLY long car ride with our wonderful boys, we finally got to Hunstville. Heidi showed us the town and we spent WAY too much money at this great outdoor mall called Bridge Street! So cute and had GREAT stores. I found my new Juicy Couture purse there and got a great price on it, it was my surprise find from the trip :)!!! After a whirlwind of food, shopping and non stop laughs we headed to Atlanta for more laughsl-thanks to Suzie, food and shopping! Jace LOVED being with Jake and Josh (Heidi's boys) and Luke and Sara (Marc's kids). And well, Sean he just enjoyed nursing and sleeping. What a good boy he was! It was awesome to see the South, especially Atlanta's Aquarium, we HIGHLY recommend you visit this destination, well worth every penny for a pricey ticket in! We loved being with family and we were so happy to be able to go and see them.

Then for Christmas we headed to Idaho Falls for 10 days, yes, 10 days with Jordan's parents and siblings. And yes, I did have a fantastic time. Jordan's family is so much fun and have great traditions. I love being with them, we just need to get them a bigger home :)!!!! Christmas morning was so exciting and fun, especially because Jace is finally realizing who Santa is and that he brings fun things. His big toys were a bounce back racer and trucks with trailers. Sean's was a ball popper toy, and a rolley ball thing :)-like that explanation :)!!!! I got Jordan a 22 rifle, and a new watch, and he reciprocated with a new watch for me as well. I've posted pics of our fav gifts and we had so much fun blessing Jordan and my family with gifts, but those around us this year as well. It was truly the best Christmas this year as we were able to help so many families in need. It was exciting to know we weren't the only one's having a Merry Christmas. The true spirit of Christmas happened and it made me feel so good. I'm so grateful for Jesus and for the gospel in my life.