Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sick little guy...again :(

So, Jace is sick again. Cold's seem to do more than what I remember cold's doing to me and what they seem to do to other children. Since July of last year he has had either a cold or fever in the months of July, September, October, December, I think February, and now March! Jace started out with just a runny nose and cough. Very manageable. Well, the last 72 hours his ears have decided to take part and start dripping and oozing blood, wax, and other strange liquids yet to be identified. Thankfully, we put tubes in his ears a year ago but it seems he still has problems. He's been waking up at night for like 2 hours and can't go back to bed which is annoying for a pregnant women and her now sick husband. So, thankfully we have Jace's 2 year old well check tomorrow with his Dr. so we shall see what she says. Hopefully, this all can be over soon and Jace can feel good, his mom can feel good, and his dad can feel good too! Whew, what a month! Just glad this didn't happen in April cause the baby would be on it's way!!! ( This was his new shirt and hat from Grandma and Grandpa Robison-he loves hats cause daddy wears one like everyday)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hotsling for a hotmama?

So, I first saw these baby carriers on Nordstroms website and thought ohhh how cute and easy. These baby carriers look way cuter and more comfortable than the Moby wrap I used with Jace. So I sold my moby wrap on Craigslist and ordered my Hotsling. I hope it works better and is more comfortable. I sure hope I look hot ;) in this Hotsling! I'll need all the help I can get when this baby arrives!

It's My Birthday and I'll...

So, yesterday was my birthday and not super eventful as I'm coming to find out as I am getting "older". But it was still fun. We went to my favorite restaurant, The Max in Spokane, and had dinner. It was super yummy and the atmosphere is so cool. I love going there and the food is always so good, no matter what you order it seems! It was fun to go with Jord, and of course I forgot the camera, partly because I'm new at this blog thing and also cause I'm prego and Jordan says I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached. He gave me some spending cash for fun, so we'll see if Nordy's gets it or somewhere online :)! He takes such good care of me and makes me feel so special. I feel so grateful to have married Jord and I know that the Lord placed him in my path for a reason. Then my good friend Shawn stopped by later that night to see me. She is so awesome and I'm so grateful to have her in my life too. She gave me beautiful tulips, ice cream, and this cute DVD of Jace's birth that made me cry both times I've watched it. I'll try to post it on here so you can watch it if you want. So it wasn't super eventful but still so fun to be with my love and relax!

Happy Birthday Jace!!!!

We celebrated Jace's 2nd birthday today! We had Julie, Billy, Tyler, Nathan, Ryan, Jeni, Casey, Brantley, Lexi, Travis, and Briana. So, basically, just family. It was fun and Jace got lots of fun presents from his cousins. Jordan and I looked at each other tonight and couldn't believe we have a 2 year old. He is getting so big and getting to be so funny!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Being a mother of a boy...and one on the way!! AWWW

So, this past weekend was supposed to be calm and not eventful. Jace changed all that within minutes. Jordan was out of town and we were just making it as fun a weekend as we could the two of us. My mom took us out on Friday night for our birthdays to Red Robin, our fav place for a burger and then took me to get some casual comfy clothes to wear after the birth and some new clothes for Jace and the baby. It was super nice of her and a lot of fun to just be the three of us. The night wore me out though because I was chasing Jace around the mall and lifting him and moving him and he doesn't like sitting still in his stroller. So by the time we got home Friday night I was exhausted. Saturday morning, I had my last birth class so Jace went to his favorite babysitters house, Riley, and I went to the class and then to a baby shower. When we both were home I thought oh good, naptime for both of us as it had already been a long day. Well Jace decided a nap of 40 minutes was all he needed as a he awoke from it screaming saying he was scared. So naptime was over pretty much before it began. So we played outside, did some stuff around the house, ate dinner, and then took a bath. Well after bathtime about 6:30pm. I turned on a show for him so he could start quieting down. Well Jace decided as I turned off a few of lights he wanted them on. So he got in the back of his toy dump truck to go and turn the lights on. Well when the lights didn't turn on where he wanted them to he moved the dump truck onto our tile floor and commensed to stand in the back of it on the tile to turn the light on. As I saw him doing this I yelled out to him "Jace stop you are going to get hurt" well he did it anyway and fell to the floor head first. He started screaming and I knew it wasn't good. As I picked him up blood was filling his mouth and I was mad at him for not listening and for now being hurt. I couldn't believe how much blood just kept coming and filling his mouth as I tried to put wet washclothes on it. I started to panic because the blood wasn't stopping. So my first response was to call my neighbor who is an EMT and see if he could come over and look at his mouth. Well I called and they weren't home and he said get him to immediate care. So off we go as fast as we can to immediate care. We get there and his lip isn't bleeding as bad but still doesn't look good. So the Dr. there looks at him and says I can do it but you'll have to hold him down to do it and I think it's going to traumatize him. He suggested that we go to the ER and have them knock him out and sew up his lip. Oh, and yes he bit completely through his lip. Little stinker :). So off we go to the ER in CDA and to make a long story short, they gave him a shot of something that hypnotizes the child so they can't really see but can hear and it makes them relax and lay still. So I watched the Dr. sew up his lip and was amazed at how well he did and recovered afterward. We finally got home at about 10:30pm and I was so exhausted emotionally and physically I was crying trying to get Jace to go to bed...he didn't want to go to bed, imagine that!!!! So we went through all that to have him toss and turn all night in bed with me, to wake up in the morning and discover that the stitches on the inside of his lip were out. Yep not even 8 hours later and they were gone. Wow, can't wait to pay for those stitches. So back to the ER after we picked up Jordan from the airport. They said everything looked fine and that he should recover well. So through all of this I probably could have just had my dad, whose a Dentist, just look at him and tell me he didn't need stitches. But like they say you panic and literally can't think when these things happen. I didn't think about calling my dad until the Dr. was sewing Jace up. So I am looking forward to having Jace doing better...and having another boy, well we shall see :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

DaySpring Midwifery

So, after MANY hours of contemplation, I decided to do this second baby au naturaule! I don't know if I'm crazy or just have forgotten what contractions feel like. I am actually excited to do the water birth and see how it feels. Jace's birth was not so awesome with the recovery and I had so much pain from the epidural that I decided was short term relief worth long term pain and discomfort? I know a lot of my post pain was because I couldn't feel anything going on and was not in control of my body. So with this baby I am happy to say I will be in control of the pushing and the quickness of it :)! My sister informed me last Sunday at our family dinner that she wants to be there, which I wasn't planning on and now have to change my whole thoughts of who and what is going to be going on and happening there. But I am excited to have her at the birth. Jordan is ok with it and with the way things have been happening with our business and lives I hope he will be home to see it, but if not, I know am feeling a lot more comfortable with my sister being there. She is a massage therapist, so if all else I can ask her to help me feel better.
I've been attending birthing classes and trying to discover how I relax and calm myself down in stressful situations...mmmm....mmm...I have no idea!!!! So we will see what I end up doing to work through the contractions.
We are also having a hard time deciding on a name for this little guy. So hopefully we will get that figured out before D-day!
I am definitely starting to nest and trying to get all my ducks in a row before this little dude arrives. Everyday Jace and I talk about the baby and I think if he understands, Jace is excited about his brother. So onto a new chapter in our lives!

Officially BLOGGERS!

We, or should it be, I finally decided to become a blogger. After so many people telling me about these, blog stalking other people's, and knowing I need a better way to journal right now with two little boys about to be, here it is. So I will probably just start off by posting the most recent pics and information!