Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Biggest Loser

Since July I have really been trying to lose weight and get back to what Jord calls fightin' weight, which would be my prepregnancy weight. Well, since I didn't lose all the weight after Jace, I really have a ways to go since I gained about 25 pds with Seanmon. So, I am currently at 165, on my gyms scale, whew what a fatty I am right now and my goal weight is 140 or 145, I'd like to get down to 125, but I don't think I was totally healthy at that weight before I had Jace, so I'll be happy with 140. So, my friend Nicole who is also a trainer at the gym ran into me a couple of weeks ago and said you should sign up for the biggest loser competition we are having at the gym. I went home and talked to Jord about it and decided it would be the push I need to get the weight off. So since I started watching what I was eating and working out I've lost 18 pounds since July 1. Which I am super happy about and since I've signed up for the biggest loser I've lost 3 pounds in 2 weeks, so I am happy about that. I will post a before pic that looks bad and one of what I want to look like- so one of my preprego pics. Man, pregnancys aren't nice to my body-bummer cause I love being prego and having kids!!! :)
Wow, I don't think my hips, tummy and butt could be any bigger in this photo! This was Sean two weeks old at his baby blessing. The other pic is Jords birthday pre Jace, so May 2006! I was probably between 125 and 130, wow I think I looked great in this photo, I want that body and those perky boobs too-unfortunately only a boob job will make those puppys return, bummer!

Our Anniversary

6 Wonderful Years of Wedded bliss-2 beautiful and wonderful boys-A Forever Family...PRICELESS!!!

For our 6 yr anniversary Jordan decided to surprise me with new plates and silverware! So we went to Macys and I've wanted white plates for a long time and finally got 12 settings of nice new plates, plus silverware! Thanks Jordie, I love you and am so grateful for the daddy and husband you are!

Plus, we are going to one of our fav restaurants-Wolf Lodge for some of the best steaks around!

Little baby Sean boy!

Jace really thinks that Sean's name is Seanboy. Yep that's right no space, just Seanboy. It's pretty cute. So I'm just posting some cute pics of the kid since I just realized there really aren't any of him posted. Love ya Sean you're a great baby and so cute!

Odds and ends

So these are photos that need to be posted and ones that people probably are going to ask questions about. Jace is so goofy with his brother but he sure loves him. The hurt eye one is my 2 and 1/2 year old was riding a scooter meant for 5 yr olds, doing tricks, I might add, and somehow fell off and the metal handle bar went into his eye. I was so afraid his eye was going to be cut through and flapping. It looked terrible but the next day was worse. He love to fish and has had so much fun going and doing it with daddy. And lastly he loves to wear Sean's beanie. He freakin' looks like he's wearing a yamaka? and it makes us laugh so hard when he does.

Our New Home!

So, we sold our first home back in August. We listed it and 6 days later it was sold! Way faster than we thought it was going to sell. I was happy but wasn't planning on being out of that house so soon. It was bittersweet. We have so many great memories from that house and we loved our neighbors and friends we had made on the street. So, we ended up renting, after looking at a million houses it seemed, a house around the corner that was bigger and better suited our needs. So we are contemplating whether we should pick up a short sale or build. If we build, this is the house we like the best with the best floor plan we've seen. Since we are planning on being in a position to take care of either sets of parents as they age, this house has the best living arrangements to make that possible. But above all, we are sitting and waiting to see what the economy does over the next year. If interest rates really start to climb, we will buy immediately, most likely, if not we will continue to look for the right piece of property that will be the best for the family. We want land that the boys can ride four wheelers on and have space to make forts and just be kids. And a place where we feel like we can continue to grow our family!