Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jace's First day of Preschool

Wednesday was Jace's first day of preschool and mommy's first day of ohhhh this is nice! I think Jace and mommy needed him to start going at 3 to preschool. This busy little boy just can't sit still unless it's Max and Ruby on TV and well, 4 hours a day of that just isn't good for a child. So I signed him up for a little preschool that a lady in our ward is doing 2 days a week in her home. I'm so excited for him and he loved his first day. It was the HAPPIEST I've seen him in a long time. It was funny to hear from his teacher how he said the opening and prayer and asked that they have a good day at preschool. So sweet! I'm looking forward to more one on one time with Sean and just a little break from my intense little guy!

Summer is finally OVER!

The Gateway Mall, went there with our friends Lisa and Jeff White

Jace on a zip line at our Hinckley Family Reunion
Jordan's new toy and his boys joining him for a tractor ride
Our family from the trek
Salt Lake Temple's visitor center
Us as a family in front of the Temple
Boating on Lake CDA!
Mom's original bike trailer with duct taped basket to bike.
Swimming at Great Grandpa's pool!

This was by far the busiest summer EVER! I'm so glad it is done. Which is sad to say but it has been non-stop for three months and I'm done! This is the list of activities in chronological order:

-Moved into the new house
-went on the Stake Trek as ma's and pa's
-Family Reunion in Utah
-Sister in law Leslie and her daughter Degan move in with us
-Family visits from Alabama
-I get pregnant
-Jordan's Parents move up from Idaho Falls
-10 year High School Reunion (I'm in charge of, and happens the same weekend as his parents moving here it was just a little stressful)
-Cousin Liz's wedding in SLC

So amidst all this there was fun and laughter and smiles so I'm posting those pictures and a few from the above list.