Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kenzie Anne Robison-FINALLY HERE!

Our sweet little Kenzie Anne arrived into the world on April 26th at 1:42pm. She is 9 lbs 14 oz, 21 inches and she has a big 'ol head measuring in at 15 in.

My contractions started that morning at 2am put didn't progress into anything and by 5am I was back asleep. I had already decided to go in and have Carrie, my midwife, strip my membranes at 8am. I started having contractions immediately and decided after timing them for a few hours to go in at 11:30am. I had Kenzie in the water which helped so much with the labor pain but not totally :)! I had normal contractions with a minute on and a minute off. My back hurt really bad during labor and my tailbone and found out why after I had her! She had both hands up on her face, so not only did she have a big head but she decided to make it even bigger with her hands! The midwives said I only pushed for 7 minutes when I started and well, if you felt what I felt I knew it would all be over if I just bore down and pushed hard! It was an exhausting, amazing, and wonderful experience! She is beautiful and has really dark hair. Her cheeks are so chunky like her mom's and they make her features look so petite on her face! We love that she has chunky rolls on her arms and legs already and so PLUMP!
Daddy is thoroughly enjoying his sweet little girl and so are the boys! Jace of course is OBSESSED and Sean is being very sweet and tender, for now. I'm extremely sore and not moving well but know it will pass in a few days with rest. I knew she was big but not this BIG! We are grateful to our Heavenly Father for her being born safely and being so healthy! We feel so blessed!