Friday, May 13, 2011

Recapturing Beauty-Day 1

In my ward last night, our Relief Society decided to do a 10 day "Recapturing Beauty" challenge. I decided to journal my feelings, thoughts, emotions on here since I tend to journal more through my blog than an actual "journal".

Day 1
Today's challenge is to write for at least 10 mintues and express gratitude for all the things my body allows me to do. I am to refrain from weighing myself today and throughout the rest of the challenge.
This comes at a great time as I just had my 3rd baby so I would have to say carrying a baby and giving birth to that child are things I am grateful my body allows me to do. There are so many women not able to get pregnant or if they do they have a hard time keeping the pregnancy, etc and I am so thankful I've never had to ever worry about those things. I am grateful that I have hands to type and eyes that can read. I am grateful for my overall health and well being. I have never been REALLY sick and have good health. I am grateful for my the way my body looks right now. It is not how I want it to be forever but I know it will get stronger and more "firm" with time. Weighing myself right now won't be hard for me cause I'm giving myself some time to settle into this new stage in my life. I have the next 30 years + to get my health and body back to where I want it to be but I only have these little babies and sweet children for such a short time and they should be my focus. Speaking of which I know I need to more concerned with caring for them and loving them, than having my house picked up and clean and me showered and presentable, which is something I struggle more with than my weight. I have a hard time feeling ok to go out in public if I'm not showered and don't have some makeup on and my hair somewhat presentable. So, if someone see's me totally unkept and looking like I just rolled out of bed, I probably did and am trying to be more relaxed in this area :) !

Lastly, I would like to post on here the reason for posting the "ugly" dark makeup under my eyes photo from Kenzie's birth. I was so excited to be having my baby during the day and especially where I had been able to do my hair and get makeup on. I was SOOOO upset when Jordan showed me this photo and there I am with my supposed water proof makeup on and looking like a crack addict. I know I just had a baby but come on! I got after Jordan for not telling me I had black makeup under my eyes...please let me know so I can wipe it away before you take a picture of me! So once again I am looking like the typical mom after having a baby, completely exhausted! I would just once like to look amazing after having a baby like so many women do, but I've also realized this probably won't ever happen as I will probably be having my next baby with a midwife and natural! :)

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  1. Oh please Natalie! I think you look beautiful after having a baby. I think it's so beautiful when women are captured in their natural ways. It shows that they care more about other and more important things than their outward appearances. Beauty is definitely from within. I'm hardly ever showered and ready before noon and often running to the grocery store unshowered and without makeup on. Judge me if you will, but there are definitely more important things to me out there! Also, I'm a big neat freak when it comes to my home and I like things organized, picked up and orderly. But I find it quite refreshing to go over to someone else's house and see it messy. It's nice to see others not obsessing over how clean their house